The DP World Wanderers Stadium is ranked amongst the top 10 best stadiums in the world. It scores high on its aesthetics, history and mostly atmosphere. Positioned as an iconic amphitheatre with the aim to create lasting on and off field memories.

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Who we serve

The stadium welcomes all citizens both domestic and foreign, all gender, race groups, all age groups, religious beliefs, class, single, married, students, families and varying food preferences (i.e. vegan, vegetarian, Halaal, kosher, nuts-free etc).

The stadium endavours to offer a variety of high-quality meals at competitive pricing with the aim to serve high end to entry level cuisines like South Africa’s most favourite cuisine pap and braai as well as “known or national brands” vendors that are a popular consumer attraction.

Upgrades and maintenance

The stadium endavours to expand its culinary food offering and service across all audience group with the utmost adherence to strict COVID19 and compliance with all South Africa’s health and safety regulations.

Regular stadium catering infrastructure upgrades are undertaken.

  • Containers were rewired as to eliminate the using of generators during events as well as reducing the consumption of electricity inside the stadium.
  • All Extractors Systems in the permanent kiosks at the stadium are cleaned regularly and certified by BRASCO.
  • All Fire Equipment and Fire Extinguishers were serviced and refilled where required in compliance with City Fire, Health and Safety requirements.
  • Regular Pest Control at all the kiosks in terms of occupational Safety act.

Fan Experience

The stadium conducts biannual customer surveys (pre and post season) with recommended solutions aimed at enhancing stadium food and catering experience.

Digital Menu Boards are in place in certain of the kiosks with the aim to enhance the look and general appearance of the facility.

Howler Cashless Payments – Wanderers Pink Day

Speed of service remains the stadium’s biggest focus in term of customer experience and offering.

  • Outside peak meal/interval breaks our average service time per customer is around 2 to 3 minutes.
  • During intervals and meals times our average service times goes up to about 10-12 minutes per customer. This remains our biggest challenge in terms of speed of service, offering and customer experience.

Overcrowding in certain areas also remains our biggest concern. The stadium endavours to minimize this by offering value added specials outside peak times.

With the use of upgraded technology and equipment we are currently addressing the situation. The stadium is seeking to offer in-seat food ordering service. A pilot project was undertaken with UberEats.

Projects Underway:

  • Bio-Degradable offering – the stadium continues to endavour its in-stadium packaging offering to bio-degradable products.
  • Cashless Stadium – Cashless is the future in stadium offering and the stadium is looking at various options (e.g. Credit Cards, Zapper and Snapscan etc). Signal strength within the stadium during peak periods is still a huge hampering factor as connectivity on any mobile devices are of utmost importance during the use of technology. Howler Cashless Payments – Wanderers Pink Day
  • Season Ticket Combo Deal and Loyalty cards – Offering Spectators, a season ticket that includes food and beverage at a discounted price. Utilizing redeemable vouchers or discounts on certain items and products.
  • EXPRESS lanes – Online ordering and payment where customers use an express lane in collecting food and beverage without long queue are being investigated.
  • Hospitality Areas – The stadium is constantly looking at innovative solutions by converting certain areas into more hospitality areas to offer enhanced convenience for the entire family. Certain stands will be converted into a one-stop seamless area where catering will be provided for the young, old, people living with disability and infants will be catered in a single area.
  • Child minding service – worried about your safety of your child? The stadium is working on a solution to offer this service in the near future.

Our Food Vendors

The stadium endavours to use previously disadvantaged vendors side by side with internationally recognised brands and offering. The intention is to offer high end to entry level South African cuisines.

Pre-Season meetings are held with these vendors and advise given in terms of stock projection and sales forecasts. Credit Card facilities are provided to some of the vendors as well as financial assistance in purchasing stock for the games.

Emphasis is placed on food quality, variety, presentation, speed of service, hygiene and presentation.