Safety and Security at DP World Wanderers 

Currently, one of the largest security service providers, Fidelity Security is responsible for the monitoring of daily security at DP World Wanderers.

The core function of the security personnel is to monitor the access control and securing of the assets of Lions Cricket Union and its stakeholders.

The entire premises is supported by 78 CCTV cameras with viewing capabality from three different monitoring stations. These cameras have proved to be effective when investigating security matters based on its strategic placement.

Covid-19 Health and temperature  checks are conducted by security personnel on arrival at the main entrance gate. Covid-19 protocols are strictly adhered to within the stadium complex.

The event security is the responsibility of Lodge Event Security, who have been responsible for this function for the past thirty years. The Safety at Sports and Recreation Act, 2010 and its Regulations, 2017 which decrees the safety and security requirements with regard to the hosting of events. During major events the stadium is under the control of the Event Safety & Security Planning Committee,  headed by the Venue Operations Centre (VOC) Commander.

The stadium is well supported by SAPS Bramley and response times have proved to effective given the good relationship developed with the Station Commander.

DP World Wanderers adheres to compliance with SASREA, 2010, therefore it obtains the relevant Venue Safety Certificate annually from the City of Johannesburg.