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Visit the DP World Wanderers Stadium Museum situated at the Stadium’s Unity Stand Level 2 and spend countless hours reminiscing about the history of the stadium and cricket in the province including hosts of the greatest One Day cricket match ever.

Have a professional guide take you on a memorial tour around the stadium and museum. The DP World Wanderers Stadium will meet your highest expectations – on an individual or group level.

Stadium Museum

The Stadium Museum is situated on the second floor of the Unity Stand and boasts a history of the Wanderers Stadium dating back to the 1950s.

There are 36 display cabinets covering a range of cricketing activities. They cover the history of the stadium, as well as the history of Transvaal and Gauteng cricket. Recent additions include a cabinet for the women’s cricket team as well as Veterans cricket.

Charles Fortune Media Centre

The center was named after Charles Fortune, who was a South African sport’s broadcaster and writer. He was especially noted for his cricket commentary on radio and his fluent style and ability to paint a graphic word picture of events. He passed away in 1994.

The media center hosts 70 Journalists. It is equipped with 5 radio booths and one booth dedicated to television. Super sport has 2 commentary boxes named after Charles Fortune and an in-vision studio.

Long Room and Boardroom

The Long Room, our Presidential Suite is located on the first floor Unity Stand and provides VIP seating for 174 guests. The Long Room and the Extension can accommodate 400 people.

Famous for hosting Nelson Mandela in 1995/96 Test between South Africa vs England, it has hosted many prestigious guests during the 16th Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture hosted by Barack Obama.

In the long room are the International Honours Boards which lists players who scored 100s or took 5 wickets in an innings.

Scorers and Umpires

When walking to the scorer’s room, you can view the outdoor nets. The umpire’s room has an Honours board which lists all the umpires making their first-class debuts at the stadium.

It includes well known umpires, both South African and International. From this operational room the match referee and tv umpire control the game into playing affairs including DRS.

Changerooms: We visit the home teams’ changing rooms including their gym. The Domestic Honours Board shows successful players who played for Transvaal and Gauteng. If you are lucky enough you might bump into a well-known player coming to practice or to use the gym.

Players Tunnel: Walk down from the players dressing rooms to the boundary through the players’ tunnel. Originally open, after incidents between spectators and Merv Hughes, and later with the Waugh twins, the walkway was covered.This was unfortunate as previously young fans would flock to the walkway to see their heroes. The walkway is lined with past South African and International players who have played at the stadium.

Various Stands

We start the tour in Unity. This was named to signify the unity between SACU and SACB in 1991.

Next, we visit the Western Pavilion, this houses the scorers’ room. Next, we go through the Memorial stand, named in honor of the Transvaal cricketers who died in the 2 World Wars.

The other stand we see is the Centenary stand, named to celebrate 100 years of Transvaal cricket.

The Open East stands is the only remaining part of the original ground built in 1956. This is where you’ll find the young crowd basking in the sun during a game.

The final stand is the Kent Park Taverners where Wanderers was originally built. The taverners were a group of individuals who raised funds for the previously disadvantaged.

Outfield Pitch Experience

There are twelve pitches covered in Skaapplass grass. International cricket is played on pitch 5, 6 & 7 to maximize the boundaries. The outfield grass type is a combination Kikuyu and Cynodon.

Originally the entire outfield was Cynodon but with the birds depositing Kikuyu seeds on the field the Kikuyu has now overtaken the Cynodon.

There are 12 pitches, number 5,6 and 7 are normally used for international fixtures. Experience what it feels like to be standing out in the middle of the DP World Wanderers stadium. This experience is unique as very few grounds allow visitors onto the outfield. After leaving the outfield peek into where the groundman has his office. See the array of equipment required to maintain the ground and pitches. Have a look at the indoor nets, might even see players using them.

The Cricket Company Shop

Located near gate one is where you can purchase all your cricket equipment and buy merchandise from the DP World Lions merchandise as well as signed memorabilia.


Per Visit
Children (u18) R60 incl VAT.
Adults R180 incl VAT.
Seniors (60+) R140 incl VAT.
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Children (u18) R50 ex vat.
Adults R150 ex vat.
Seniors (60+) R120 ex vat.
Per Visit
Children (u18) R350 incl VAT.
Adult R520 incl VAT.
Seniors (60+) R460 incl VAT.
10h00 to 12h00
14h00 to 16h00 (by appointment only)
Private tours on request


*Tours are conducted daily between 10h00 and 15hoo.

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    • Tours are conducted daily between 10h00 and 15h00.
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