1 in 28 SA women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. These are often the caregivers in a home and as such, it is safe to say that it is a disease that affects at least 1 in 28 families in South Africa.

In the most recent report of the National Cancer Registry over 8000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 alone.

Breast cancer can affect any person in SA:
  • Although more common in women over 40, it can also develop in younger patients.
  • Can affect women of any ethnicity and has become more common in black females.
  • Men can also develop breast cancer. 1 male for every 100 female patients with breast cancer.
  • The diagnosis of breast cancer is distressing for any person.
  • In SA, many women are particularly vulnerable and face more hurdles to reach breast care.
  • Patients who are diagnosed earlier have more treatment options and do better in the long-term.
  • Although few, there are specialised breast centres that offer good care in the public sector.