The DP World Wanderers Stadium is excited to partner with Imperial and the SolarSaver Group to bring much-needed solar power to South Africa’s most iconic multipurpose entertainment lifestyle venue through the installation of a customised 250kWp solar photovoltaic system.

The venue will be one of the first stadiums in the country to ‘Go Green’. The partnership will power the 28 000capacity stadium while taking a load off the grid.

“This is a huge step in reducing its carbon footprint” says the Stadium Manager, Cyril Martin previous DP World Wanderers Stadium.

“The stadium now boasts three sources of power. Grid, Generator and Solar Energy which produces enough energy to run the stadium especially on big international match days and non-cricket events.This in addition to the existing stadium’s world-class drainage infrastructure where any of the water including rain-water goes into a reservoir to ensure water is saved and re-used. The stadium seldomly use municipal water if at all. We always use borehole water for the ground.”

The Imperial SolarSaver Group was founded with a view to offering unique clients’ solar solution that does not require any capital or financial guarantees. Imperial SolarSaver Group runs the largest fleet of self-financed solar installations in Southern Africa.

“The Imperial SolarSaver Group portfolio includes over 200 systems operated by SolarSaver under long-term rent-to-own and various contracts across South Africa and Namibia. The installations form part of the stadium’s aesthetic and are situated in and around the stadium” said SolarSaver.

“The partnership forms part of the stadium’s long term strategic intent to ‘Go Green’ project” said Central Gauteng Lions CEO Jono Leaf-Wright.

“Going Green for the stadium means helping to protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations. As stadium management, it is imperative to utilise more environmentally and ecologically friendly practices to sustain future generations” Everything we can do as society to help our country and planet, we must. It is our collective responsibility as sport and business to find innovative ways to protect our planet and we are very proud of this partnership with the Imperial SolarSaver Group and to be the leading stadium in the country to explore this space.”