Johannesburg – Breathing fresh air into the Lions Cricket Family, Oxycell have made the teamsheet, and bring with them a natural charge of purified oxygen, giving our players the advantagous edge.

Used as a supplement, Oxycell Purified Oxygen can enhance sports performance and recovery, elevate mood and aid in sleep, remedy hangovers and sharpen focus. With every use comes a clean, natural charge of purified oxygen from the world class dispensing system.

Head of Marketing for Amka Product, Jared Dallas says that Oxycell has the Lions Cricket performance and recovery needs covered, using the 95% pure natural oxygen on hand;

“The benefits of Hyperoxic / Hyperoxia products have been documented and tested in many scientific journals and High Performance University Centres and has been shown to aid in recovery and help with increasing your Oxygen saturation levels when you need it the most. We know that operating at a high-level means that 1% can be the difference between winning and losing. Oxycell knows that the Go Getters at Lions love to win.”

Lions Cricket CEO Jono Leaf-Wright says that enabling the Unions players to perform at their absolute best, has always been a key objective; “We welcome Oxycell to our team and thank them for this innovative enhancement tool: Winning is what we like best, and we believe that Oxycell will help us top the scoreboard this season and beyond as it assists in the energizing, utilization and recovery of our players.”