After many virtual meetings between South African Schools Association Executive and role players at Cricket South Africa we have made the following decisions regarding the National Cricket Weeks and Regional Festivals for December 2021.

The prevailing COVID 19 Pandemic was at the forefront of these decisions and the safety of all participants must ultimately the overriding factor in these decisions.

• All Regional Festivals for 2021 have been cancelled. This also includes festivals that Affiliates intended having within a Political Province.

• The only National Cricket Weeks that will go ahead in December are the following:
– Boys and Girls Under 19 Cricket Weeks.
– Boys and Girls Under 16 Cricket Weeks.
– Boys Under 17 Rural Cricket Week.

• All National Weeks will be of 5-day duration and the format of each week will vary according to the logistics at the seat of the cricket week.

• The SA Schools and SA Schools Colts/Fillies team will be announced and capped, however, the Representative Match will not be played.

• The playing dates for the Khaya Majola Cricket Week is 18-22 December 2021.

• All National Weeks will take place in a COVID secure environment, and the respective Tournament Directors will furnish you with the protocols when it becomes available.

• SCSA will continue to monitor the situation around the National Tournaments that are going ahead and will communicate if any new decisions are made when it requires updates.