Monday, 11 October 2021 – Teaching Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga as well as strength and core classes, the Yoga Experience studios at Imperial Wanderers Stadium really do have something for everyone.

“Established in June 2003, we were the first Hot Yoga Studio in Johannesburg and have since evolved into a multi styled yoga venue,” says Yoga Experience Owner Sally Gutjahr…

“As a yoga studio, we were very attracted to the multiple venues available to us at Imperial Wanderers: The rooftop and field are perfect for summer yoga classes and the mega suite is an ideal place for people to commune and enjoy the fabulous energy of the venue. To find such a large and safe open space in the heart of Johannesburg is rare. The grounds are immaculate and the staff are like a family: It really is a very special environment to work in. Our team are a group that are crazy about yoga and all things concerned with the awakening of higher consciousness. We are dedicated to being of service to our community by sharing our passion for yoga because, in some cases it saved lives and in all cases, it changed lives.”

Lions Cricket Head of Marketing, Commercial and Communications, Wanele Mngomezulu  says that having the Yoga Experience team onboard is another massive win not only for Imperial Wanderers Stadium but for Lions Cricket too;

“As part of the Union’s strategic intent to multipurpose the venue, we had set out site on having a permanent Yoga Studio at the stadium to complement our lifestyle and wellness market positioning of the stadium. A few months ago we converted our world class media centre into a competitive co-working space and attracted permanent tenants in the form of retail shops and office spaces. The Yoga Studio is an extension to the already established well-known Medical Sport Centre.”

“We are very excited to start teaching the cricket teams yoga and we look forward to them receiving tremendous benefits from the practice that will enhance their performance on a physical, mental and energetic level.” concludes Sally.