The mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber (mHBOT), situated at The Wanderers Sports Medical Centre, within The Imperial Wanderers Stadium will now be available to both the Imperial Lions mens and womens professional teams.

Used by players to aid recovery both in terms of injury as well as high workload, the chamber is now available to the pro players during home games, post practices and on the road to recovery.

The Wanderers Sports Medical Centre has a number of medical disciplines, with the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber serving as one of the centre’s unique offerings. mHBOT is often utilized by professional sports teams and individuals such as, Michael Phelps; LeBron James and Mohammed Salah to help reach a full recovery from high-impact injuries and to treat sports-related injuries and all forms part of their official medical techniques and equipment. mHBOT is currently used extensively by major European Soccer and American NFL teams to enhance the conditioning and performance of their players.

Managing Director for the High Performance Medical Centre, Craig Govender says that such an added benefit will go a long way to enhancing player performances as cricket players specifically spend a huge amount of time on their feet, both practicing and playing.

“Unlike many other sports, cricket is unique in the fact that overuse injuries are more common than sports such as rugby and football.  Repetitive movement is one reason for overuse type injuries, such as stress fractures to lower backs and tendon issues and recovery plays a major part in the reduction of injuries and particularly overuse injuries.  We hope that the use of the mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which the player lies in and inhales purified oxygen, can complement the recovery strategies done by the Lions Cricket Physios and Strength and Conditioning Coaches.”

Lions Cricket CEO Jono Leaf-Wright welcomes this much needed offering to both teams;

“A huge thank you to  Craig and The Wanderers Sports Medical Centre for the use of the chamber. We’re both honoured and fortunate to have Craig’s super team on site 24/7, elevating our athlete’s to a world class status in terms of all things medical. As off-seasons have shorted and athlete expectations have increased, our players work tirelessly to remain injury-free and achieve their best. As such the medical side of each player is an absolute essential in order for our Pride to thrive.”

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