November 25th marked the start of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. Aligned with the annual international campaign, Lions Cricket and it’s Associations will host their first ever Women Only cricket match.

Saturday 4 December will go down in the record books as another win for Lions Cricket, with a womens only game scheduled to take place in the Imperial Premier League (Women).

Starting at 13h00 and hosted at Quondom Park, it’ll be Jeppe CC vs Randburg CC, umpired by Sindy-ann Quaker and Yashika Dinna. Topping off the All-Women affair, will be two lady scorers as provided by the clubs.

Lions Cricket CEO Jono Leaf-Wright said that the idea of the All Womens game is born from a collaborative effort between the Cricket Services Department, Umpires Association and the Scorers Association;

“We place great focus here at Lions Cricket on the womens game at all levels – players, umpires, scores and coaches. There was never any hesitation from our end when it came to providing our guidance and assistance in order to make this happen. We are the Pride of Jozi, proud of all our women and endeavour to support and grow them inside and outside of the boundary. We strive to not only produce good players on the field, but also good people off it that impact society positively and make a meaningful difference.”

It is the hope of Lions Cricket that this sends a message not only to the cricketing community, but society at large;

“In a male dominated sport, women are of equal importance and strength in both a playing and administrative point of view.” concludes Leaf-Wright.

In addition, the match will be played under the auspices of further promoting our #ENDFEMICIDENOW campaign that the Union embarked on as part of the 16-days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence and Equity Empowerment. This initiative is part of a broader and long-term sustainable change that the Union will continue to embark on. @LionsCricket #ThePrideOfJozi #LionsCricket