Johannesburg – Lions Cricket adopted a long-term inclusive transformation charter that sought to bring about equality, equity, diversity, and sustainable economic, social and environmentally friendly change across all spheres of the Union.

“Transformation is an essential part of our core mandate as it ensures our sustainability” so says Lions Cricket President Anne Vilas.

“Our Employment Equity Plan (EE) and the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Scorecard targets are developed to ensure that measurable progress is made towards legislation and to achieve genuine transformation. To this end, after a full-scale BEE audit and verification process the Union achieved a LEVEL 2 B-BBEE certification for the first time in its history”.

Villas continued;

“This is certainly an achievement towards our long-term transformation goal. We believe that through our concerted  efforts across the entire organization starting with the composition of our board and our continued efforts to have an inclusive and diverse leadership team, staff complement, players and coaching staff; will yield sustainable future benefits for all. This is also coupled with the organisations go-green project and various stakeholder engagements. Transformation is a way of life for us at Lions Cricket and not just a tick box exercise. Our collective and unified efforts will build a stronger Province that we can all be proud of as a Pride.”

“Our view is to entrench the culture of trust and values that seek to bring about sustainable change” concludes Villas.

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