Lions Cricket are proud to confirm their ongoing partnership with the organisation that feeds hearts, minds and tummies, FeedSA.

Johannesburg – In an ongoing effort to play our part in future generations, Lions Cricket will renew our partnership with the NGO feeding scheme, FEEDSA.

“Over the years, we’ve achieved a powerful and impactful collaboration from the likes of FEEDSA and look forward to promoting social cohesion whilst celebrating the stadiums rich history and the heritage of cricket: All in the name of advancing our society and communities. We take great pride in our partnership with this well-run organisation and strive to make a tremendous difference this season feeding those in need.” says Lions Cricket Head of Marketing, Commercial and Communication Wanele Mngomezulu.

“FEEDSA is honoured to take part in yet another successful collaboration with Lions Cricket and we are looking forward to all the exciting events coming up at the Imperial Wanderers. We know that with Lions Cricket we will not only FEED the tummies of those less fortunate than us but also their minds and hearts.” says Genevieve Solomons FEED SA.

Lions Cricket and FEEDSA will partner throughout the year at various stadium held events such as Mother’s Day, Youth Day, Father’s Day, Mandela Day and more.

Mngomezulu concluded by saying:

“As the Union, our long-term socio-economic programme focuses on five categories including transformation, education, health, gender-based violence and poverty alleviation. We aim to play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges through various stakeholder collaborations and the launch of our global ambassador programme. The extended partnership with FEEDSA remains the Union’s strategic off field intent in changing lives.”

“Part of the Imperial Wanderers Stadium’s 30 year post International Cricket Council isolation year-long celebration, the stadium recently announced it’s plans to aggressively promote diversity, inclusivity and equality for all.

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