Johannesburg – Lions Cricket in partnership with Secure Me SA, are proud to provide their female staff, players and the community at large with an app aimed at providing protection for both themselves and family through armed response units at the click of a button. 

As we are aware, GBV and Femicide are the biggest scourges in our country at present, and this app is aimed at providing protection to assist with this pandemic.

“This is an extremely proud moment for Secure Me SA to partner with The Pride Of Jozi in our combined efforts to ensure safety, protection and freedom from fear to all our citizens in our country South-Africa explains Willie Van Zyl from Secure Me SA. “We are thankful that this strategic partnership will help that we are not only adding our voices against the unacceptable levels of crime and GBV, but that we are also providing a technology platform to ensure 24/7- armed protection in your hands every day for everyone.” 

 The process works as follows where a subscriber can either:

1.             Push the button on the app;

2.             Let the phone fall from 1.5m or higher; or

3.             Shake the phone.

From there:

–               A signal is autonomously sent to the nearest responder (one of 2000 armed response vehicles nationally);

–               The accepting responder is navigated directly to the user’s location via GPS; with the average response time being between 4 – 8 min.

Please visit for more information.

“This valued partnership forms part of our extended #endfimicidenow campaign which we launched in May 2020, says Lions Cricket Head of Marketing & Communications Wanele Mngomezulu. “Our Lioness and their safety, and indeed the safely of all women in South Africa is of great importance, which is why we’ll continue to push this fantastic service.”

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