Painting #ThePrideOfJozi : The refresh of the iconic DP World Wanderers Stadium is well underway with quality, colourful creations from top to bottom.

Johannesburg, 26 June 2023 – The DP World Wanderers will be brighter, bolder and bursting with colour come the new season, thanks to new partners Promac Paints. Already well underway, the stadium maintenance staff are working tirelessly ahead of the first ball bowled, ready to treat the valued pride members to unrivalled and energetic match day experiences. 

Asif Khan, Stadium Manager for the DP World Wanderers Stadium says that the partnership with Promac is about keeping the vibrant colour and energy associated with DP World Wanderers Stadium and the City of Johannesburg. 

“It transcends beyond the physical game, while enhancing spectator experience and overall mood, through the tones found throughout the stadium change rooms and corridors. It’s not only about the creation of an aesthetically pleasant environment, but also about protecting against climate conditions such as heavy rains and excessive heat and is therefore, instrumental to the structural integrity of the stadium. 

We are thrilled with the pop of colour one will see from the moment they enter our den.  To date, we’ve received exceptional reviews for the painting of the behind the sightscreens as well as the renovations done in our changerooms.” 

Promac Director Andrew Cottrell comments that Lions Cricket and their affiliate outreach programs are a perfect synergy with Promac Paints; 

“Both brands align perfectly – with our goal being to see people and places prosper for generations to come. Our value for family and providing for people is both a deep foundation and a driving force. We strive to achieve excellence, reliance, innovation, diversity and professionalism on a daily basis, which perfectly aligns with the brand and values of Lions Cricket. Promac Paints will be supplying paint for the maintenance and upkeep of the beautiful DP World Wanderers Stadium as well as to the broad and extended affiliates of Lions Cricket. At the same time Promac Paints get to market and attach ourselves to the huge international brand and family that is Lions Cricket.”  

Lions Cricket CEO Jono Leaf-Wright says at the end of the day, it’s about exceptional quality; 

“It’s about maintaining and continuously upgrading our world class asset, the DP World Wanderers Stadium and ensuring that our fans depart our ‘Lions Den’ with a renewed energy and tremendous pride in #ThePrideOfJozi. We are grateful that our standards of excellence are aligned with the quality paint provided by Promac Paints.”  

The freshly painted DP World Wanderers Stadium will be ready to warmly welcome fans from far and wide come the first ball bowled of the upcoming cracking cricket summer season. 

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LIONS CRICKET (Central Gauteng Lions) is the custodian of all cricket activities in the greater Sedibeng, West Rand, Vaal, and Johannesburg area and manages the DP World Wanderers Stadium and DP World Lions. @LionsCricketSA #LionsCricket #ThePrideOfJozi #Equality4All 

For further information, please contact Lions Cricket media liaison Caroline Malan 


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